Workplace adds Mobile Security to existing enterprise-grade security features

by Luke Taylor

Your security remains our top priority. And, as we launch new Mobile Security features, here’s a quick reminder of how our world-class infrastructure helps keep your Workplace community safe.

We take security seriously. That’s why we’ve built - and continue to build - a combination of systems, capabilities and features that help ensure we keep your information secure.

We can do that because we use Facebook's investments in security, infrastructure, scalability, high availability and technical innovation to help keep your data safe.

That means advanced defense-in-depth security systems, world-renowned security teams working 24/7, and strict security policies and processes. And it’s all validated by the trusted security and compliance certifications you’d expect.

This absolute focus on privacy and security is one of the reasons that over 7m paid subscribers1 - and some of the most security-conscious companies in the world - are using Workplace.

And as the security landscape evolves in the future, so will we. We’ll continue to build features like Mobile Security (more on that later) that keep your Workplace secure. But first, a quick recap of our three security principles.

The three principles of Workplace security

These three principles underpin the Workplace approach to security and protection of customer data. Want to dig into more detail? Download our Security Guide.

1. You own your data

As the data controller, you make the decisions about what you do with your data. That includes whether to modify, delete or export it. The data your employees enter into Workplace belongs to your company, and it can’t be accessed publicly.

2. Strict controls on data access

We process your data to ensure you have the best possible experience with Workplace. We don't use it to show ads. We don't use it to personalize users' experiences on their personal Facebook accounts. And we take strong measures to prevent any misuse of data by internal or external parties.

3. Workplace and Facebook are separate platforms

Workplace benefits from Facebook’s investments in security, infrastructure, scalability, high availability and technical innovation. However, Workplace and Facebook are separate platforms with different accounts and profiles. Content is never shared between your Workplace and personal Facebook account.

Image of Security Whitepaper

Learn more. Download our new Security Whitepaper

Introducing new Mobile Security

These three security principles guide us as we continue to develop and build new tools. And our new Mobile Security feature is no different.

What is Mobile Security?

Mobile Security consists of two categories of features. Want more of the technical good stuff? Check out the admin guide.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A set of industry-standard data loss prevention features for customers using corporate devices enrolled in MDM platforms (App.Config).

Native mobile security features

Audience selection based on People Sets, enabling compliant apps, secondary reauthentication, block copy and paste, block file downloads and block screenshots/screen recordings.

Why is that important?

We know that Mobile Security when using the Workplace app is essential. These new features will help ensure that your sensitive information and intellectual property are protected and secure when your employees are using a corporate managed device or their own phone.

What does it mean for you?

Peace of mind. Mobile Security will make you more confident about employees using Workplace to connect and build community when using mobile devices.

But what does that really mean?

Here are some of the key reasons you’ll like the Mobile Security feature.

• First of all, it integrates with your MDM/EMM provider to help protect corporate-controlled devices

• Keep important information secure by helping to enable data loss prevention features on personal devices

• Supports the protection of sensitive information from being shared outside of the Workplace app. This works by helping enable data loss prevention features, including blocking copy/paste, blocking screenshotting, and blocking downloads

• Help ensure the right people are accessing your Workplace through biometric authentication

• Target selected audiences so that admins are in control of restrictions applied to specific users

Where can I find out more?

Learn more about Mobile Security or read our Security Guide and brand new Security Whitepaper.

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